So You Want To Learn Emacs

Every proffessor in school preaches the merits of learning Emacs. They tell you how much faster you will code without having the need to touch the mouse. They preach how you would no longer need to select diffrent ide’s for each language you write in. Emacs can easily be extended and modified to your specific needs through the use of Lisp (a language everybody should learn). Heck, they even mention that you can check your email and connect to irc through emacs. After all this Emacs indoctrination, the professor then turns to you and hands you a cheat sheet. Gee thanks.

In an effort to master Emacs, I have installed it on all of the machines I use. These are some of the links that I have found helpful:

**Installation: ** Windows Mac: Carbon Emacs

**Configuration: ** Yegge: 10 Specific Ways to Improve Your Productivity With Emacs 5 Indispensable Tips for Emacs on Windows

**Sample configurations: ** Yegge: my .emacs file Phil Hagelberg: emacs-starter-kit Justin Lilly: Fork of emacs-starter-kit with python support

**Extensions / plugins: ** Yasnippet Cedet (C++ development tools)

Misc. / Tutorial: A Guided Tour of Emacs Peepcode: Meet Emacs Learn Emacs in Ten Years Emacs Subreddit Fullscreen Emacs on OSX